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Feeding Tube Button Cushions stabilize your child's feeding tube, absorb leaks, and help keep the stoma dry. Many parents report (and our personal experience has been) that using a button cushion can also help reduce or prevent granulation tissue. Our cushions are made with a layer of soft, stay-dry suedecloth for next-to-the-skin softness that pulls moisture away. Inside are two layers of absorbent flannel, while the top is a layer of cotton flannel or woven.

We now offer two sizes of Cushions. 3 inch diameter, sized just right to provide protection for the feeding tube and stoma while keeping a low profile under clothing. And 4 inch diameter, sized a little larger for maximum coverage.

The soft overcast edges keep a low profile, while the snap closure ensures a long life and won't snag clothing.

These button cushions are in stock and ready to be shipped.


Tubie Button Cushion

Don't like the prints available above? Prefer hook-and-loop closure instead of snaps?

We can make a set of custom Button Cushions for you using any of the fabrics we have in stock, or even using your own fabric. The cost is $4.00 per cover (or 6 for $22) and there is usually a short wait. If this is what you want, please sign up for a spot on our Made to Order items waiting list.

Please note, we do not use Velcro brand hook and loop tape like many other manufacturers. Velcro brand does not hold up well under frequent laundering, which is why cloth diaper makers never use it! We use Touchtape brand, which is stronger and longer lasting, and is the same hook and loop tape we use in our cloth diapers.


A Note About Safe Use:

We recommend washing these in hot water, storing them in a covered container, and changing them at least daily or when wet. Discontinue use of you notice irritation (this is not likely). Some healthcare providers want patients to use a sterile dressing over the feeding tube stoma - Button Cushions are not sterile. Use at your own risk.


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