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Cord Clips help manage medical tubing to make your life easier! These flexible, versatile clips hold feeding tubes, IV tubes, dialysis tubing, ventilator tubing, and really any other type of medical tubing.

Simply snap the Cord Clip's fabric length around whatever tubing you want to wrangle, and then clip the easy-open/secure-close clip to clothing, backpack, wheelchair, or any handy surface.

Use them to corral the extra length of the tubing between your feeding pump and your g-tube. Use them to hold ventilator tubing in place and keep it from pulling. Use them to keep tubes separated from each other. Use them to relieve pulling at the stoma by supporting the weight of the tubing.

We Put two sets of snaps on our Cord Clips to increase the Clip's versatility. You may use both sets of snaps, or just one set, whichever makes the most sense in your situation.

  • Easy to Use
  • Washable
  • Easy-open/Secure-close clip
  • Versatile
  • Cotton fabric, poly snaps and clip

Pattern placement may vary.
Machine washable (make sure the clip and snaps are closed). Air dry.

These sell so fast that I can't keep the inventory current between this website and Etsy. Please see our current inventory at Etsy.

To purchase, head over to Etsy and see our current inventory. Then, you may complete your purchase there, or you can come back here and enter the print number you'd like below.

Cord Clips: $3.50

Enter Print number from Etsy listing here:

Don't like the prints available above? Need a custom length or width?

We can make custom Cord Clips for you using any of the fabrics we have in stock, or even using your own fabric. The cost is just a little more than the cost for in stock items, and there is usually a short wait. If this is what you want, please sign up for a spot on our Made to Order items waiting list.



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