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Cord Keepers - Funner to look at than plain tubes, and safer, too! Do you worry about your child's cords and tubes at night? Does your child have multiple tubes that somehow seem to always get twisted and knotted up? Does your child wake up in the morning hopelessly tangled in his or her tubes? Are you just plain tired of looking at boring tubes all day? (or is your child?)

Our Cord Keepers help keep lines away from curious fingers, help reduce occulsion, reduce the risk of entanglement at night, and are just plain fun. They may be pinned to clothing near the stoma or entry site or to legs or feet of pajamas, but should not be pinned to collars. Many parents use these at night to tuck cords along the side of the crib or bed.

Cord Keepers are available in three widths. Single is perfect for one smaller-diamater tube like IV lines and Gtube tubing. Multi will hold up to 3 of these narrow-diameter tubes. Wide is meant for larger-diameter tubing such as ventilator tubing (with or without the temperature probe), humidity tubing (with the O2 tubing, as well), and dialysis tubing. Wide features two rows of snaps to accommodate different needs.

Available in four lengths, these Cord Keepers close with high-quality KAM snaps located every four inches along the length. Tubes can enter and exit the Cord Keeper at any point along the length.

Extra Short: 12 inches
Short: 23 inches
Medium: 35 inches
Long: 45 inches

Other lengths available by custom order.

Please use common sense when using the Cord Keepers. Do Not attach to the patient's collar. Keep exhalation ports uncovered. Completely remove Cord Keeper when doing any maintenance on the lines - connecting or disconnecting IV tubing, for example.

These Cord Keepers are in stock and ready to be shipped.


Cord Keepers: $7.00

"Thank you for the Cord Keeper you made for my grandma! She loves having a pretty cover on her IV tubing and is the envy of her friends at the care center." - Shelly P.

Don't like the prints available above? Need a custom length or width?

We can make custom Cord Keepers for you using any of the fabrics we have in stock, or even using your own fabric. The cost is just a little more than the cost for in stock items, and there is usually a short wait. If this is what you want, please sign up for a spot on our Made to Order items waiting list.



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