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I made Teddy's first Feeding Pump Bag Cover when he was about a year old - and I don't know why I waited so long!

Our Feeding Pump Bag Covers are such simple devices that make life so much easier. They are insulated to help keep your feed and ice pack cold and they're roomy enough to hold both a full feeding bag and an ice pack of reasonable size. They'll fit inside your backpack - or any other bag.*

LemonDrops Feeding Pump Bag Covers snap ALL the way around, opening completely flat. This means no need to feed the tubing through a small opening in the bag - and it means you can wrap the cover around a bag that's already running. (I know that sounds like a small thing, but it's my favorite part of these covers, and testers consistently returned comments like "oh, it was sooooo nice to not have to feed the tubing through a hole in the cover!")

Best of all, we made our Feeding Pump Bag Covers versatile to fit multiple brands of feeding pump bags. Most other insulated covers are intended for just one brand of feeding pump - but that doesn't work for MY family. At home, we use Zevex, but during hospital stays, we use the hospital's Kangaroo pumps. So, we designed our Covers to fit both. (These covers have not been tested with any other brands - if you use a different brand and want to test a cover at a discounted rate, please contact us.)

Not every snap position will be used in every situation. Snap the cover around your feeding pump bag however it works for your set-up.

Technical details: The insulating material is a high quality, densely-woven fleece by Malden Mills. This stuff insulates better than lunchbags and oven mitts. Our experience and that of our testers and customers has been that these bags plus a decent quality ice pack will keep a feed cold for an entire day or an entire night. We do not have air conditioning at our house, and have kept a feed refrigerator-cool all night with an ice pack and this bag.

The inside of the bag is flannel, not waterproof fabric. The flannel absorbs the condensation from your feed and ice pack, bringing an end to bothersome dripping. (One tester said, "I was surprised to find flannel inside the bag - I've only used waterproof bags - but then I noticed that this bag didn't drip condensation like our other bag does. NICE!")

If you use... You should purchase...
Zevex/Infinity 500 mL bags Size Medium. (or custom order a size Small)
Kangaroo 500 mL bags Size Medium. They will also fit in size large, though it will be roomy.
Zevex/Infinity 1200 mL bags Size Large
Kangaroo 1000 mL bags Size Large
Both 500 mL and 1200/1000 mL bags Size Large, but ask us to add extra snaps for the 500 mL bags.


*We've never felt limited to just the backpack provided by our DME supplier - with a Cord Clip, asturdy binder clip, caribiner, or Velcro cable ties, you can transport your feed in pretty much any bag. Check Amazon or stores local to you for toddler-sized backpacks, or ask us about converting any cute bag to a backpack for your little one's feed :)

When using a Kangaroo feeding setup, most prefer to hang both the feeding pump bag's loop and the cover's loop from the IV pole together. Some people prefer to thread the feeding bag's loop through the cover's top loop. The bag's inside loop is not used.

When using an Infinity bag, most people prefer to hang the bag by the cover's inside loop. Some people prefer to push the cover's hanging loop through the small hole in the feeding bag and hang the feed using the hanging loop on the cover.
There are plenty of snaps to fit whatever type of setup you prefer.

Pockets for ice packs aren't necessary, but if you prefer one, we offer this option on custom made covers.

Feeding Pump Bag Covers can be Personalized



These Feeding Pump Bag Covers are in stock and ready to be shipped.


MEDIUM Feeding Pump Bag Cover: $20

LARGE Feeding Pump Bag Cover: $22


Don't like the prints available above? Want a pocket for your ice pack or accessories? Want your cover personalized?

We can make you a custom Cover using fabric of your choice. Check out our available fabrics and see what we have (not the fabrics above - our available fabrics page is here: We can also use your fabric or fabric we purchase for you - the cost will vary, please message us for details.

We can also add a mesh pocket to the inside for an ice pack and/or accessories. We'll also add a pocket to the outside of the cover if you would like.

If you would like your Cover to be personalized with a name or short phrase, please follow the instructions in the form. If you don't have a thread color preference, we'll choose something that looks good with your fabric. Longer names that do not fit across the width of the cover will be turned and placed along the side of the cover if they fit that way. Phrases of more than one word may be placed on more than one line. If the print you've chosen is busy (lots of colors, lots of details), a thicker/fatter font will show up better.

*IMPORTANT* If we feel your font choice or chosen thread color is inappropriate, we'll attempt to contact you via email. If you do not respond within 5 days, we will proceed with your order exactly as ordered.

We do not accept returns on embroidered items for any reason.

We *may* be able to accommodate requests for embroidered designs, as well. Cost will vary. Please contact us to discuss.

Please read our Custom Items Process and Policies before placing an order.

Made-To-Order Feeding Pump Bag Cover:

Please select what size cover you want:

 Enter preferred fabric number(s) here (available fabric can be found HERE - please do not use the fabrics above that are listed for in stock items) as well as a second choice just in case:

You may also use the space above to indicate anything else you think we need to know!

I chose a premium fabric (labeled "Deluxe" or "Premium") ($2)
Add a mesh pocket for an ice pack ($2)
Add a pocket to the outside to hold accessories ($2) (Please indicate above if you'd like the pocket to be mesh or fabric.)

Please add custom embroidery - a name or short phrase ($5)

 Enter preferred font and preferred thread color, if any. Enter the name or short phrase you would like embroidered in parentheses.
Example: Font 4, red. (Georgiana)



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