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What child anticipating or experiencing a hospital stay or surgery does not need their own personal hospital gown? Sure, they can wear the gowns provided by the hospital, but they're so dull! Make your child's hospital stay a little more enjoyable with a gown featuring bright, colorful prints. We've known kids who actually look forward to an upcoming hospital stay when they receive their new gown in the mail!

These gowns feature snaps at each shoulder - in different colors to make snapping the gown a bit easier - just match colors! The gown also snaps down the front - or back. It is exactly the same front and back, so you can choose what makes sense for you and your child - snapping down the back, or snapping in the front. We do NOT use ties - our personal experience has been that the ties are a giant pain when dealing with children in a hospital bed.

The gowns are roomy enough to be comfortable without being so big that they slide off the shoulders.

Gowns currently come in these sizes: Newborn, 6/9 month, 12/18 month, 2/4, 6/8, 10/12/14, teen/small adult, and medium adult. We are planning to offer larger adult sized gowns in the near future.

The gowns shown below are in stock and ready to be shipped, but we make most of our gowns as custom orders to enable you to get exactly the fabric that your child wants - whether that be Hello Kitty, Doctor Who, horses, or hearts. We can use our fabric, your fabric, or fabric we purchase for you. I can also add special features if any are required (a pocket for a heart monitor, for example, or even matching pants or shorts.) Check here for more information about custom items and to get your gown started!

Did you know we also can make matching gowns for your child's 18 inch dolls? We keep a limited number of doll gowns in stock on our Etsy store, but mostly offer these as quick-turnaround custom items. Cost is $9.00. Please check here for more information about custom items and to start your order.


These Gowns are in stock and ready to be shipped.


Hospital Gowns: $20.00




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