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Weighted Blankets being Used

Weighted blankets are often used with people with autism, dementia, restless legs syndrome, arthritis, and many other conditions. I'm finding more and more that people without any diagnosed syndrome or condition love weighted blankets, as well. (Personally, I LOVE a heavy blanket and sleep better when I have weight on me.)

Our weighted blankets are a custom-made item - you can pick the fabric from the many fabrics we have available, or you can pick fabric from your favorite fabric store (or we can go shopping for you). You can pick what type of fabric you want - we've most commonly made weighted blankets with flannel on one side and fleece or Minky on the other side, but some people prefer plain cotton, double-sided flannel, cotton knits, or other options. With our custom blankets, you get to decide!

Please note: Weighted blankets are NOT appropriate for babies under 1 year of age.


Read more about weighted blankets here, here, here, and here.



Our weighted blankets are available in four standard sizes. We can also make a custom size just for you.

  • Small: 41" x 35"
  • Medium: 58" x 42"
  • Large: 72" x 43"
  • Lap Pad: 19" x 13" or 21" x 15"



We also let you pick the weight, or we can help you decide what weight. (The common rule of thumb is 10% of the user's weight plus a pound.)



You can choose what fabric you want from our instock fabrics here. Please have a second choice in mind, as we won't have enough of every fabric to make every size blanket. If nothing here suits your needs, we can purchase fabric just for you, but the cost may increase depending on what you want.



Use the form below to view pricing for various sizes and weights.


Our weighted blankets feature:

  • Smooth poly beads inside for weight
  • Poly beads evenly distributed throughout blanket via dozens of small pockets
  • Structurally sound construction to ensure long life (an extra two layers of fabric inside your blanket, to hold the beads in place)
  • Machine washable (use the gentle cycle; we recommend air drying)



Weighted Blanket
While I may occasionally have weighted blankets in stock, they are typically custom made. Custom made blankets may occasionally a turnaround time as long as 4 weeks, though 2 weeks is more typical. Please be sure you read the Custom Items process and policies before ordering.

Made-To-Order Weighted Blanket

Enter desired weight in pounds ($3.30 per pound)

Enter Fabric Selection (use fabric number):  
Please also indicate a second choice in case we don't have enough of your first choice fabric.

I chose a Premium Fabric (+$8)

You may choose fabric for both sides, or for just one side and we'll choose something coordinating for the back. If you do not indicate a preference for the back fabric, we'll choose a coordinating Minky. If you prefer we not use Minky, please indicate this in the space below.

Use this space to explain any responses above or to give me more information on what you want:

Please type Yes here to indicate that you have read and agree to the policies and process outlined below:


Please Note that for Weighted Blankets, the shipping cost that the cart gives you will probably be inaccurate. I've set the weight of this item at 10 lbs. If your blanket/lap pad weighs less than 10 lbs, I'll refund you the difference in weight. If your blanket weighs more than 10 lbs, I'll send you another invoice for the remainder of the shipping. If you have questions about this, want to know your exact shipping cost in advance, or prefer I just invoice you the correct amount the first time, just contact us with your zip code and what you'll be ordering.




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