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Weighted lap pads are often used with people with autism, dementia, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, and many other conditions. And lots of us without any diagnoses love them, as well. (I use a weighted lap pad when doing desk work sometimes!)

Weighted lap pads are GREAT for back to school, whether you're a kid or an adult. We have sold a lot of these to teachers for use in their classrooms, to therapists for use during therapy, to homeschoolers for use during school time, to parents for use during homework time, and to college students of all ages. We know of at least one adult college student who brings his to his classes and tests - he feels it helps him focus better.

Weighted lap pads come in two sizes - 19x13 and 21x15. What size should you choose? It really doesn't matter that much. One is just a little bigger than the other. I prefer the big one, as does my youngest at 7 years old. My other two kids, 10 and 15, like the small ones. Smaller ones obviously have a more compact weight, the larger ones are roomier with more room for the weighted pellets to slide around.

How do you decide what weight? Do NOT use the 10% plus a pound guideline that we use for blankets. Lap pads are so small, a 20 lb lap pad would be uncomfortable, even if you do weigh 190 lb. Most people like a lap pad in the 3-6 lb range. We suggest choosing from the lighter weights for lighter bodies.

We typically make our lap pads with just three long channels for the pellets that provide the weight, rather than making pockets. Customer feedback has consistently indicated that people prefer channels over pockets for lap pads - this allows you to position the beads how you want them within the lap pad and ultimately makes it more comfortable for sitting.

We like to keep weighted lap pads in stock and ready to ship, but you can also order them as custom items if you prefer to pick your own fabrics. You can find the order form over on our Weighted Blankets page.

Please note: Weighted lap pads are NOT appropriate for babies under 1 year of age.

Read more about weighted blankets here, here, here, and here.

Our weighted lap pads feature:

  • Smooth poly beads inside for weight
  • Poly beads evenly distributed throughout lap pad in three channels.
  • Structurally sound construction to ensure long life (an extra two layers of fabric inside your lap pad, to hold the beads in place)
  • Machine washable (use the gentle cycle; we recommend air drying)


Weighted Lap Pad: $21 each

Don't like the prints available above? Need a different size or weight?

We can make you a custom Lap Pad using fabric of your choice. Check out our available fabrics and see what we have, or we can purchase fabric for you, as well, or use fabric you purchase or already own. You can choose one or two fabrics.

Sizes and Weights beyond what's available here in the form are defnitely available, just not using this form. Contact us, please.

Personalization available on lap pads! If you would like your lap pad to be personalized with a name or short phrase, please follow the instructions in the form. If you don't have a thread color preference, we'll choose something that looks good with your fabric. Phrases of more than one word may be placed on more than one line. If the print you've chosen is busy (lots of colors, lots of details), a thicker/fatter font will show up better.

*IMPORTANT* If we feel your font choice or chosen thread color is inappropriate, we'll attempt to contact you via email. If you do not respond within 5 days, we will proceed with your order exactly as ordered.

We do not accept returns on embroidered items for any reason.

Please read our Custom Items Process and Policies before placing an order.

Made-To-Order Lap Pad: $25 base

Enter preferred fabric number(s) here (available fabric can be found HERE - please do not use the fabrics above that are listed for in stock items) as well as a second choice just in case:

You can choose flannel, cotton, or bottomweight. You may also choose regular fleece or Minkee fleece - we have a wide variety of solid colors available, just tell us what you want ("coordinating green Minkee," for example).

If you chose "shop for me" from the menu, please type what you're looking for in the box above, or contact us separately. The pricing will probably be higher if we're shopping for you. We'll find some choices for you, and will be able to give you a final price at that time.

Please add custom embroidery - a name or short phrase ($5)

 Enter preferred font and preferred thread color, if any. Enter the name or short phrase you would like embroidered in parentheses.
Example: Font 4, red. (Georgiana)



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